The Urban Institute at the University of Sheffield addresses some of the major social, economic and environmental challenges facing our cities today and in the future.

Percentage of people living in cities by 2050

Shaping cities of the future


The Urban Institute is an international research centre at the University of Sheffield that examines how cities are responding to the challenges and opportunities of intensified urbanisation, technological innovation and resource constraint.

With critical social science expertise, we bring together the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral knowledge needed to understand and support sustainable urban change in the UK and across the global context.

We develop conceptual and applied insights and promote debate through our research projects, publications, events and international networks. We engage with policy-makers, businesses, practitioners and community groups.

The UI is primarily supported through external research funding from the ESRC, EPSRC, JPI-Urban Europe, Mistra Urban Futures, Leverhulme and the Open Research Area.

News & Events

Join us next for the fourth act of 'Dwelling in Liminalities' org by @michelelancione + @XazaarAdjame

With Dhanveer Singh Brar & Ashwani Sharma for a conversation on "No sounding back on futures meant to be black"

Wed 10th June, 3-5pm, BST:

Our Work

We are working with national and international partners to understand and analyse some of the major challenges facing our urban spaces today and in the future.


Who We Are

Urban Institute academics undertake multidisciplinary research to analyse the socio-technical, political and ecological dynamics of contemporary urban environments.