UI is working with Professor Donald McNeill at the University of Western Sydney on a new three year funded Australian Research Council on Volumetric Urbanism.

This project aims to explain how global built environment and development firms ‘push the envelope’ of urban space. In cities worldwide, governments are faced with the problem and possibilities of ‘volume’: stacking and moving people within booming central business districts, especially around mass public transport nodes.

This project will examine the prototypes, calculative devices and mediating technologies that are used to redefine cities and maximise development values. It will analyse the justifications for high volume urban development projects, and assess how transnational business and design models shape city redevelopment. This project expects to provide insights into interpreting complex urban megaprojects in Australia and internationally.  The UI work will focus on the development of a genealogy of controlled environments through a series of international case studies in the UK, US, China and the Middle East.

An international workshop on Volumetric Urbanism is being held on 24-26th May in Sheffield, jointly with UWS and the Inclusive Societies programme