The  Early Career Researchers (ECRs) Urban Studies Network is an Urban Institute (UI) and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (USP) initiative, supported by the Faculty of Social Science at Sheffield (FoSS). It has been designed to provide a supportive space where to discuss ECRs’ career development, and to foster peer-to-peer solidarity.

It is managed by the Director of ECRs Development, Dr Michele Lancione (UI/USP) and co-delivered by Drs Ahmed, Cawood, Higgins and Sawyer.

The network is only for scholars working at the University of Sheffield. 


Open to all post-PhD individuals self-defining as ‘Early career’ in the field of ‘Urban Studies’ at the University of Sheffield. To be included in the program and in the network’s mailing list, please send an email to m.lancione@sheffield.ac.uk.  

Main activities

  • Five two-hour long training workshops
  • Five one-hour peer-support gatherings
  • Four ECRs-led international workshops
  • Two ECRs-led research away-days
  • On-demand 1-to-1 support with the network’s Director, Dr Michele Lancion

Program 2020/21

Training workshops

Workshops with FoSS’ colleagues (always 12-2pm on a Tuesday):

  1. Funding & networks with Professor Beth Perry and Ryan Powell on Tuesday 08/12/20
  2. Managing your first large project with Professor Vanesa Castan Broto and Dr Jon Silver on Tuesday 19/01/21
  3. Becoming a lecturer with Dr Phillipp Horn and Dr Zheng Wang on Tuesday 02/03/21
  4. Being an ECR at Sheffield post Covid-19 with Professor John Flint on Tuesday 20/04/21
  5. Supervising your first PhD with USP’s PhD candidates Brown, Okoye, Suryani and Mingay on Tuesday 08/06/21

Peer support sessions

Informal peer-to-peer support (always 12:30-1:30pm on a Tuesday)

  • 10 November 2020
  • 22 December 2020
  • 12 January 2021
  • 23 March 2021
  • 4 May 2021

International ECRs-led workshops

Redefining the Post-Covid-19 University: Reflections from ECRs in Urban Studies

With ECRs from three different areas of the world, the workshops are organised by Drs Ahmed, Baker, Cawood, Durosaiye, Habermehl, Higgins, Huang, Macrorie, Sawyer, Veerbeek and Westman

  • Workshop One: (Asia/Autralasia) 22 October 2020, 8-10am
  • Workshop Two: (Africa/Europe) 12 November 2020, 1-3pm
  • Workshop Three: (Americas) 3 December 202, 4-6pm
  • Workshop Four: (Collective Summary) 4 February 2021, 3-5pm

Research away-days

Four-hour research workshops (always 9am-1pm on Tuesdays)

  • Exploring research agendas, 16 February 2021
  • Planning 21/22 ECRs-led activity, 25 May 2021

Schedule for ECRs Urban studies network 2020-21 program

All the sessions will take place on-line using Google Hangouts.

Schedule for ECRs Urban studies network 2020-21 program

Further information

For info on the network:  m.lancione@sheffield.ac.uk

ECRs mailing list: ecrsurban-group@sheffield.ac.uk

RSVP to calendar invitation is mandatory to attend each event.