Congratulations to Professor Castán BrotoDr Linda Westman and Dr Ping Huang on their new paper published in a special issue. “Urban impacts of climate change”, a special issue of the e open-access Journal of the British Academy, is part of a series of issues aiming to make new research in the disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy, available to a wider audience of specialists and policymakers.

In the paper “Reparative innovation for urban climate adaptation” Vanesa, Linda and Ping make the case for reparative innovation in climate urbanism, as opposed to disruptive innovation which often has uneven impacts and disadvantages the most vulnerable communities. The paper is based on research from the LO-ACT project, that looks at the ‘ordinary actions’ taken by citizens to improve everyday life whilst tackling climate change. The project examines specific examples of climate change actions and policies to find out how ideas, materials, technologies, and expertise can be transferred across urban contexts.

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