As discussions continued for the second week at COP26 about how best to tackle climate change and save our planet, conference attendee Dr Linda Westman, was interviewed on 12th November 2021 by Toby Foster for BBC Radio on her thoughts on COP26.

Linda reported her disappointment with the outcome

“This was the last chance to get it right…there is no more time! The targets are not ambitious enough and the action will not happen quickly enough for us to reach 1.5!”.

It is reassuring for Linda that national leaders and sub-national leaders are taking the message of just transitions very seriously and want to get their citizens onboard. The youth movement is also growing, and this is encouraging. However, Linda believes more funding needs to be committed from the Global North to the Global South to support the poorer countries who have been affected by the actions of richer countries. Collaboration between the USA and China – as the largest emitter – is good news however they need concrete targets.

Listen to the interview here: (from 1.14hr onwards).