UI Keynote on ‘Urban Control in a Turbulent Atmosphere’ for Dutch Conference on Disclosing Sustainability: the transformative power of transparency?

The ENP (Environmental Policy Group) is a social scientific environmental research group working at Wageningen University and with Earth System Governance have organized an international conference between June 24th and 25th to critically examine the unexplored relationship between transparency and sustainability (http://www.transparencyenp2016.com). Does transparency live up to its sustainability promise? Does it enhance the accountability of those perpetuating environmental harm and foster improved environmental outcomes? UI is providing a keynote address on its work on the new control capacities of smart technologies to shape new urban responses to more turbulent global ecologies. This focuses on the ‘unblackboxing’ of urban infrastructural responses to urban ecological threats and the parallel emergence of new forms of blackboxing in the software of urban control systems. For more details contact Simon Marvin.