Nick Taylor Buck and Aidan While were recently informed that their paper “Competitive urbanism and the limits to smart city innovation: The UK Future Cities initiative”, which was published in Urban Studies in February 2017 (Vol 54/2), reached the final 8 for the 2017 Urban Studies Best Article prize.

This honour is awarded by the editors to the authors of what they consider to be the most innovative and agenda-setting article published in a given year. Although Nick and Aidan’s paper did not win the final prize, the editors considered that their article should receive a special mention and should be highlighted as a very worthy runner-up for this year’s award. They were congratulated on writing a paper that was both original and insightful.  As a result, Urban Studies have allowed Open Access to their article on the Journal’s website.

See the Urban Studies Journal website for the full list of finalists for the Urban Studies Best Article 2017.