Urban Institute at the RGS/IBG Conference

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This year members of the Urban Institute team are participating in the meeting of the Royal Geography Society, representing some of the amazing research and debates we are involved with. You can find out more below.

Dr Sam Burgum is convening three sessions ‘Critical Geographies of Occupation, Squatting & Trespass’

Cities in the global North have recently witnessed an upsurge in squatting, trespass and other forms of occupation. Ordinary citizens and activists have fought against intense displacement and marginality, increasingly criminalisation and repression, by providing shelter and refuge, creating alternative infrastructures and socialities, and developing new modes of endurance, resistance and survival.

Dr Victoria Habermahl is presenting two papers in sessions on Towards an autonomist economic geography’ and Time and Austerity: Troubled pasts/hopeful futures?’

Organising the economy despite crisis: the case of Mercado Bonpland Buenos Aires

Whose Knowledge Matters?

Michele Lancione is running two sessions on Citylife: Agency, Aesthetics, Politics

The idea of ‘citylife’ is one of the more pervasive to the history of the city. In that couplet, there is a suggestion of something distinct about life in the city, but that distinction depends significantly on how we define and come to know ‘life’, ‘city’, and their relations. What does it mean to be ‘alive’ in the urban? How might we think ‘citylife’ as a plural set of forces, agencies, ideas, epistemologies and aesthetics encompassing and going beyond what humans make of them?

Including a paper presentation on Intersection as life

A session on Journal re-launch: Renewing the City and radical futures

The editors would like to welcome you to a world cafe event as part of the re-launch of the radical journal City: Critical analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action under new, collective leadership and will be hanging out with colleagues from the Radical Housing Journal in the Exhibitors Hall.

Dr Aidan While, Dr Andy Lockhart and Prof Simon Marvin will be presenting a paper in the session The Final Frontier? The Enclosure of a Commons of Outer Space’

Robotics, automation and new infrastructures of space capitalism

Dr Rachel Macrorie is presenting two papers in sessions on ‘Geographies of/with AI’ and Infrastructure/Space: Infrastructural troubles and struggles in the Global North and South’ 

Can AI automate sustainable construction of the urban built environment?

Reconstructing a sustainable urban built environment using ‘systems of practice’

Dr Bertie Russell is running four sessions on ‘Experimental Recipes for a Radical Municipalism’

In June 2017 Barcelona hosted ‘Fearless Cities’, the first gathering of an embryonic global movement dubbed ‘new’ or ‘radical municipalism’. From Rosario, Argentina to Jackson, Mississippi, these initiatives see activists developing strategic approaches to municipal institutions with the aim of transforming urban-economic governance in resistance to growing inequalities, democratic deficits and social injustice. This builds on a long and ideologically-diverse history of municipalism(s)

Links to sessions:

Dr Charlie Spring, Dr Nick Taylor Buck and Prof Beth Perry will present a paper in the session Troubling Platforms: Disruption, mediation and transformation in digital food geographies’

 ‘Digitally-enabled food transition’ through city-scale participatory research? Potentials, pitfalls and processes

Prof AbdouMaliq Simone will be presenting the Urban Studies Lecture on Where and what is auto-constructed now? The afterlives of urban majority districts in the contemporary South

And a paper on The (non)urban human: conundrums and interstices in the session: ‘Citylife: Agency, Aesthetics, Politics’

Dr Hita Unnikrishnan is presenting a paper in a session on “Secondary Cities” in the Global South.

India’s “smart cities”: sustainability challenges for medium-sized cities in the global South