We are pleased to announce the Urban Institute is a partner in a new international collaborative project ‘The New African Urban University: Building partnerships to realise the promise and potential of sustainable urban transformations’. Led by Zarina Patel, Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town (UCT), the network will bring five universities together (Cape Town, Ghana, Sheffield, Bergen and Bristol) to strengthen the role of African universities in co-producing urban knowledge to advance SDG 11 sustainable cities.

The project will build on the Urban Institute’s history of research, teaching and impact with African institutions and contribute to Faculty research strengths around the potential for new modes of knowledge production to address challenges of infrastructure and rapid urbanisation. This collaboration builds on long-standing networks between UCT and Sheffield University and was developed as part of Dr Patel’s Visiting Fellowship in the UI and links with UI themes: Coproducing UrbanismsClimate Urbanism and Urban Humans.

The UK project team consists of colleagues from the Urban Institute – Beth PerryVanesa Castán Broto and Maliq Simone and Urban Studies and Planning –  Tom Goodfellow and Paula Meth.