Urban Institute academics are skilled in undertaking multidisciplinary research and critical social science to analyse the decisions, everyday practices and implications of how we organise our urban spaces. We engage with policy-makers, businesses, practitioners and community groups.

Professor Simon Marvin


Dr Aidan While


Dr Nick Taylor Buck

Research Fellow

Dr Rachel Macrorie

Research Associate

Professor Beth Perry

Professorial Fellow

Dr Vicky Simpson

Research Programme Coordinator

Dr Bertie Russell

Research Associate

Dr Jonathan Rutherford

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Jonathan Silver

Leverhulme ECR Fellow

Dr Victoria Habermehl

Research Associate

Dr Sophie King

Research Fellow

Dr Andy Lockhart

Research Associate

Dr Mateja Kovacic

Visiting Academic

Dr Desiree Fields

Lecturer in Urban Geography

Dr Hita Unnikrishnan

Newton International Fellow

Dr Shaun Smith

Research Associate

Dr Michele Lancione

Senior Research Fellow

Prof Vanesa Castan Broto

Professorial Fellow

Dr Charlie Spring

Research Associate

Dr Kristina Diprose

Research Associate

Dr Iona Hine

Research Impact Officer

AbdouMaliq Simone

Senior Professorial Fellow