Dr Enora Robin

Research Associate

About Enora

Enora is a Research Associate in Climate Urbanism. She joined the Urban Institute in June 2019 after having completed her doctoral research at University College London. Her thesis explored the production, mobilisation, contestation, and subversion of different forms of urban expertise in the context of urban redevelopment projects in Cape Town and London. 

Alongside her PhD, Enora was involved in the development of the UCL Urban Policy and Innovation Lab research programmes, working on two main projects: ‘Migration, marginality and urban crisis in Cape Town’ (2016-2017) and ‘Night-time workers, infrastructure provision and mobility justice in 24-hour London’ (2017-2019).

She was also researcher and coordinator for the Nature Sustainability Expert Panel on the ‘Science of Cities.’ Prior to this, she worked on the New Urban Governance project at LSE Cities.

Research interests

Her research is interdisciplinary and mobilises science and technology studies, economics, critical geography, and decolonial thinking to explore the politics of urban expertise in cities of the global Souths and Norths across four interrelated themes.

The first theme focuses on the fragmentation, specialisation and hierarchisation of urban expertise and the impact this has on urban politics. Specifically, this work looks at the relationship between different forms of expertise (e.g. engineering, architecture, transport planning, urban design, finance, community knowledge, etc.) and their respective valuation in urban policy.

The second area of work explores the influence of calculative logics in contemporary urbanism. This strand of research looks at the production, circulation and use of financial models, city-level statistics and urban indicators in urban strategies. 

The third theme relates to infrastructure provision and social justice in the city, looking at the relationship between infrastructure development, planning and the reproduction of intersecting social, racial and gender injustices. This work also analyses the production of ignorance and resulting invisibilisation and marginalisation of numerous communities in urban politics.

The fourth strand of research investigates existing and emergent forms of collaborative, practice-oriented research (within and outside academia) for their capacity to create more diverse ecologies of knowledge and to contribute to urban justice. 

At the Urban Institute, Enora builds on this body of research to explore how different epistemologies and practices are currently shaping climate urbanism, and how they affect social, political, technical, and ecological urban transformations. She also supports the development of the Climate Urbanism research cluster activities.


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