Dr Kristina Diprose

Research Associate

About Kristina

Kristina is a Research Associate on the ‘Realising Just Cities’ project, focussing on what ‘just’ sustainability means for the Sheffield city region and local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. She graduated from the University of Leeds with degrees in Childhood, Education and Culture (BA Hons), Social and Cultural Geography (MA) and a PhD in social geography.

She then worked at the intersection of research and community organising on The Young Foundation’s ‘Socially Sustainable Leeds’ project, before joining the University of Sheffield in 2015 as a Postdoc in the Faculty of Social Science.

Research interests

Kristina’s recent research and publications have focussed on: urban residents’ views on intergenerational justice, consumption and sustainability; media representations of sustainability; local narratives and moral geographies of climate change; and intergenerational community-based research.

She has a particular interest in participatory social research and creative practice, having previously collaborated with arts practitioners on intergenerational theatre, creative writing and filmmaking workshops.


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