Dr Victoria Habermehl

Research Associate

About Victoria

Victoria is a Research Associate in the Urban Institute, on the ESRC ‘Whose Knowledge matters?’ project and is part of the Mistra Urban Futures network. She has a PhD in Geography from the University of Leeds,  focused on organising in-against-and-beyond crisis in Buenos Aires, Argentina, through the economy, state and territory.

She has previously worked as a Research Associate at University College London in the project ‘Economics in the Public Sphere’ and at Brunel University in ‘Timescapes of Urban Change’. She is part of the Contested Cities international network.

Research interests

Victoria’s research focuses on everyday life in cities and the antagonistic processes involved in urban politics- embodied in social reproduction, neighbourhood organising, gentrification and displacement.

Her research to date has focused on Latin American Cities, and in particular in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she researched how the economy is understood and reshaped through crisis, narratives of economic informality and everyday economic practices such as economic solidarity initiatives, autogestion and popular economy.


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