Prof Vanesa Castan Broto

Professorial Fellow

About Vanesa

Vanesa joined the Urban Institute in September 2017, following her appointment as a Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences. She has an interdisciplinary background in natural resources engineering and environmental sociology, having completed postgraduate degrees in Spain (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and the Netherlands (Wageningen University), and an engineering doctorate in the UK (University of Surrey). Prior to joining the Urban Institute Vanes was a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, in UCL (2011-2017) and a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Geography in Durham University (2009-2011). Her research has been funded by the British Academy, Leverhulme Trust, ESRC, EPSRC and the Institution of Civil Engineers. In 2016 she received the Philip Leverhulme Prize for contributions to Geography. In 2013 she received a United Nations Award for Lighthouse Activities that contribute to fight climate change with a focus on the urban poor.

Research interests

Vanesa’s research focuses on the governance of global environmental change in the urbanization age. She focuses on three interrelated themes: 1) the governance of climate change in urban areas; 2) urbanization and the dynamics of energy transitions; and 3) barriers to the implementation of climate change action.
The first strand of her research focuses on who governs climate change in urban areas and how. For example, she has mapped her contributions to the field in the 2017 article “Urban Governance and the Politics of Climate Change” (in World Development) in relation to both normative and critical strands of thinking about urban governance for climate change. Vanesa has also made direct contributions to international policy, for example, as a lead chapter author for UN-Habitat’s 2016 World Cities Report.
The second strand of her research focuses on the dynamics of energy transition. Following her engagement with urban infrastructure as a means to understand climate change policy, she is developing a feminist neo-materialist perspective on the governance of energy transitions. Vanesa has imagined the concept of urban energy landscapes as spatial arrangements of cultural practices and artefacts that reflect the coevolution of socio-economic, technological, and ecological systems. This conception challenges broadly accepted notions of energy landscapes as the product of public perceptions of energy developments. A recent paper on “Energy landscapes and urban trajectories towards sustainability” (in Energy Policy) provides an overview of her work in this area.
The third area of her research focuses on developing practical ways to activate urban transformations and deliver climate action in practice. An example of this work is her research on participatory planning for climate change. At the moment, Vanesa is engaged in a series of activities with local partners in Mozambique to rethink sustainable energy access in urban areas. An overview of her efforts to rethink sustainable energy access in an urbanization context is presented in a recent collective paper “Universal access to sustainable energy in urban areas” (in Nature Energy).


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2017                Invited Speaker, Mind the Gap Workshop, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, 20th March

2017                Invited Speaker, Sustainable Development Programme Conference, British Academy, London, 6th March

2017                Lecture to the Science, Society & Sustainability (3S) group, University of East Anglia, 15th February

2017                Geography departmental lecture, University of York, 7th February

2017                Keynote Speaker- Transforming India 2030: strategies for sustainable development goals, Pune, India, 16th February

2016                Seminar Speaker- REFURB Workshop (Urban Metabolism and the GCRF), University of Sheffield, 21-22 November.

2016                Keynote Speaker- Practical Engagements and the Social-Spatial Dimensions of the Post-Petroleum Future, LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, France, 7-9 November.

2016                Keynote Speaker- Expert Panel Sessions, Chevening Orientation Day, London, 22 October.

2016                Keynote Speaker- National Architects Association from Ecuador, Lectures to celebrate Habitat III, Quito, 18 October.

2016                Panellist- Habitat III Side Event, National Institute of Renewable Energy, Ecuador, Quito, 17 October.

2016                Seminar Speaker- Green City Mandate, Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (FRIAS), Germany, 15th July.

2016                Seminar speaker- Energy Infrastructure: Security, Environment and Social Conflict, Bogazici University, Turkey, 27-30 June.

2016                Seminar Speaker- Urban Futures Workshop, King’s College London, 9th June.

2016                Seminar Speaker- Nexuses of the Urban, University of Sussex, 15th May.

2016                Seminar speaker- Sharecity methodological orientation day, Trinity College Dublin, 29th April.

2016                Keynote Speaker- Contradictions and Environmental Governance (Future Urban Sustainable Environments), Uppsala University, Sweden, 9th May.

2015                Keynote Speaker- Dealing with environmental crisis, Manchester Policy Week, University of Manchester.

2015                DFID Lunchtime Seminar- Urban Energy Landscapes, Whitehall, London, September.

2015                Keynote lecture: ICLEI Resilient Cities Seminar Series ( ), Online, 23 January.

2015                Keynote lecture to participants in the Master Studio ‘The metabolic city’ Masterclass in the Urban Metabolism Studio, Free University Amsterdam, 17th January.

2014                Keynote speaker- Preparatory Meeting Social PreCOP. Isla Margarita, 16 July.

2014                Keynote Speaker- Participatory planning for climate change- ADP Forum on cities and subnationals. Bonn Conference for Climate Change Action, 11 June.

2013                Keynote Speaker- Momentum for Change Urban Poor Side Event, COP19, Warsaw, Poland, 24 November.

2013                Plenary Speaker- The Geography of Transitions, 4th International Sustainable Transitions Conference, Zurich, June.

2013                Keynote Speaker- Klimagune, BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change, 22nd December.