2 day event: Tuesday 1st May (10.30-17.00), Wednesday 2nd May (10.20-16.00)

The symposium will focus on the breadth of moral and ethical challenges raised by the research process, including activist research, research with vulnerable groups, research that engages with elite and powerful participants, and in co-produced research. Guest speakers will discuss the challenges posed by conducting such research, challenges of publication and dissemination, and the institutional challenges of designing a permissive and developmental ethics review process that allows innovative research. Furthermore, we hope that the symposium will encourage debate about the value and constraints of formal ethics processes, and about how universities as institutions can support the production of ‘high risk’ critical scholarship that raises difficult moral/ethical questions.

This symposium forms part of the RCUK-funded programme “Developing Research Capacity for Inclusive Urban Governance: a Sheffield-Witwatersrand PhD training partnership”. It is also being supported by the Cities, Environment and Liveability pathway of the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership.

Aimed particularly at PhD students and/or researchers working in urban studies and related fields (including Geography, Planning, Development Studies and Architecture), but is open to all social scientists.

Both Michele Lancione and Beth Perry will be speaking at this event. More information and details of how to register are available on the Urban Studies and Planning website