Urban Institute Senior Research Fellow, Michele Lancione, was recently interviewed by Milena Belloni of the ERC-StG “HOMInG” project. This project is led by Paolo Boccagni and focuses on unpacking ‘home’ through systematic analysis of the ways of constructing, emplacing and circulating home under the influence of extended mobility and societal diversity. 

“Home is where everything starts. We have “the homeless” because our idea of home includes the possibility of being without home: you can be at home but you can also loose that home. That is what interests me about “home”. It’s impossibility. Even if home is the place where you belong, and where you have a nice life, there is always the potential to lose that. This complexity, this conundrum, is the whole point. Home is never something that is safe, that is neat and clean. It is always something that is contested within and outside; something that is lost and re-appropriated.”

Read the full interview here: https://tinyurl.com/y63ms5kd