This working paper collection examines the changing rhythms, routines and relationships associated with increasing adoption of digital technologies, to understand implications for the organisation of everyday life, patterns of energy demand, and personal wellbeing.

The co-authored collection was developed through a two-day workshop and series of webinars led by Rachel Macrorie involving multi-disciplinary early career researchers, with academic peer review and contributions for the Centre for Sustainable Energy, the Association for the Conservation of Energy, BEAMA, and the Energy Technologies Institute. Development of the collection was made possible thanks to EPSRC funding awarded through the Balance Network. The collection was presented in a panel session by Drs. Nick Banks (CSE), Tom Hargreaves (University of East Anglia), Matt Watson (University of Sheffield) and Yolande Strengers (RMIT, Melbourne) at the Beyond Balance: How digital technologies are affecting our work, our homes, and everything in between’ conference, July 27th 2016, Savoy Place London.

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