The second HICCUP (Heterogenous Infrastructures of Cities in Uganda Project: Thinking Infrastructure with the South) workshop took place in Kampala in January, with Jonathan Silver from the Urban Institute working with students and the research team to develop the next stages of the project. As part of a broad investigation into the multiple and varied infrastructure systems that provide waste and sanitation services in urban Uganda, the week was dedicated to creating a participatory and co-produced methodology framework. This involved development with key partner, ACTogether, the national support NGO charged with providing technical and financial assistance to the National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU). Discussions considered particular neighbourhoods and technologies which may provide learning opportunities and benefit from action research. Back at Makerere University, the research team comprised of Hakim, Gloria, Distan, Peter, Shuaib, Jonathan and collaborators from the Urban Action Lab discussed potential research and how it might be undertaken, reflected on recent field experiences, learnt new ethnographic skills and carried on debates concerning how to conceive of infrastructure in urban Africa. Fieldwork is scheduled to begin later in the year.

Picture: Waste collection is a huge issue across Kampala’s informal settlements (J.Silver)