Prof MaliqSimone recently moderated a podcast on ‘Mobilization and Advocacy in Massive Urbanization Contexts’ as part of the Urban Political series. In this episode, Maliq invites the four urban thinkers to reflect on Delhi, Karachi, Lagos and Manila by addressing these questions:

  1. What is it particularly about your cities which seems at times too complex, too all over the place, too difficult to understand with the tool boxes that we have?
  2. You have all been involved in attempting to do things in your cities—either in terms of advocacy, community planning, public policy, project development. Can you talk about what you have learned through this process, and how this new learning might be translated into action?
  3. In terms of the urban challenges as you understand them, and the complexities of the regions you inhabit, what do you think constitutes viable political experiments, particularly those addressed to issues of spatial justice, economic precarity, and social marginalization?

You can listen to the podcasts here:

Part 1:

Part 2: