We are pleased to announce that Mistra Urban Futures has received the first ever European Research Association’s award for Responsible Research and Innovation. The Award was presented at a ceremony in Brussels on 21 November 2016. It is funded by a group of some of the most influential foundations for science and research in Europe. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is the name for the European Union’s concept for research and innovation activities based on citizens’ needs, values and expectations, which forms the basis for the research agenda and funding of the Union. RRI is about inclusion, co-creation, open access, equality, ethics and education. More information: www.efarri.eu.

More than 200 projects and programmes applied for the Award. Mistra Urban Futures was selected to join a group of 15 finalists and were interviewed in depth during the summer. The Centre was finally one of the three winners. Mistra Urban Futures was found to be an excellent example of a research programme working along the intentions and context of RRI.

The Urban Institute hosts Mistra Urban Futures Local Interaction Platform in the UK – the Sheffield-Manchester Local Interaction Platform (SMLIP). The current programme of work, Realising Just Cities, aims to support sustainable urbanisation processes which are accessible, green and fair. The SMLIP sits within the co-producing urbanisms theme in the Urban Institute.  We are seeking to actively engage with the challenges and opportunities of co-production to support meaningful civic participation and engagement in the development of socially progressive, environmentally just and economically viable alternative urbanisms. To this extent, the programme continues to be an excellent example of RRI in action.