A special issue of Energy Research and Social Science that focuses on Spatial Adventures in Energy Studies: Emerging Geographies of Energy Production and Use has just been published. The essays in this special issue have been guest edited by Vanesa Castán Broto (from the Urban Institute) and Lucy Baker. This issue makes a case for the development of perspectives in energy studies that utilizes the critical notion of ‘relational space’ around the provision and use of energy. It also expands into the role of this notion in informing policy and practice within the energy sector. It emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinarity in examining the notion of space within contemporary energy studies.

A deliberately spatial approach has been adopted by the 18 papers within this special issue in order to address challenges of the global energy sector. They however adopt diverse locational, sectoral, and conceptual approaches. A few of the papers within this special issue have also addressed how spatiality can shape and influence aspects of energy use and provision. The collection also points to an emerging field that seeks to understand the complexity associated with space in relation to energy challenges. At the same time, it challenges existing hegemonies surrounding the field, while pointing to the idea that relational space can perhaps catalyse efforts to decolonise energy knowledges.