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The Sheffield-Manchester Local Interaction Platform welcomes new Research Fellows

By January 19, 2017 No Comments

We are delighted to welcome two new Research Fellows as part of the Sheffield-Manchester Local Interaction Platform (SMLIP). Nick and Sophie will job-share to coordinate the Realising Just Cities programme of work and the design, delivery and evaluation of co-production projects across Sheffield and Manchester city-regions in the North of England. The SMLIP is funded by Mistra Urban Futures and the SMLIP sits within the co-producing urbanisms theme in the Urban Institute.

Dr Nick Taylor Buck joined the SMLIP team in November 2016. Nick has a PhD in the natural sciences and leads on collaborative research and publication between the faculties of Social Science, Science and Engineering. Nick is interested in urban ecology, including the urban bioeconomy; systems thinking, including the development of integrated infrastructures as socio-technical systems, urban decision making, and the role of biomimicry in the design process; and co-production, including urban innovation and demonstrators.

Dr Sophie King joined the team in January 2017. Sophie’s research and practice since 2006 has focused on understanding how collaborative approaches to local governance can contribute to reducing poverty and inequality. Sophie has a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester. Most recently, Sophie has been researching the politics of co-production and inclusive urban governance in Ugandan municipalities, and community resilience to flooding in Salford, UK. She has a background in participatory action research and community development in Greater Manchester.