Professor Jenny Pickerill, along with colleagues in the Eco-Communities research group and the Urban Institute are organising a seminar series on Eco-Communities in an Urban Future. The series, funded by the Urban Studies Foundation, will involve three workshops during 2019 and 2020.

Registration is now open for Seminar 1 on ‘Urban Eco-Communities’ and information about the second and third seminars can be found on the group’s website, here: 

Seminar 1: “Urban Eco-Communities”

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July, 2019
SWALEC Centre, Cardiff

This first seminar will place the concept of eco-communities, too often conceived of as rural, detached and ageographic, into urban space. By bringing in questions of social justice, participation and already-existing communities into dialogue with research on eco-communities the urban potential of intentional communities is more critically examined. Therefore this seminar will seek to understand what eco-communities are already contributing to the urban, and how future urbanism approaches might reshape some eco-community aims and practices.

Our keynote speaker is Professor Tendai Chitewere, from San Francisco State University and author of Sustainable Community and Green Lifestyles (2018) that examined EcoVillage at Ithaca, USA, as a site of green consumption. She is particularly interested in the relationship between being green and being just, and the role of the urban in enabling inclusive and diverse participation in socio-environmental change. We also have Professor Vanesa Castan Broto (Urban Institute, Sheffield University) as a respondent, additional speakers will be announced shortly.

It will be a two day event to enable a day of speakers and a day of discussion and debate. Lunches and a seminar dinner are included in the event. There is no fee to attend.

Places are limited to 40 participants, so please register to attend.


Some limited bursaries will be available. At this stage if you are thinking of applying for a bursary, please register via EventBrite and see ( for the bursary application process.


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