Dr Andy Lockhart

Research Associate

About Andy

Dr Andy Lockhart joined the Urban Institute in January 2017. He holds a PhD in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of Sheffield, an MA in Environmental Politics from Keele University, and a BA in Politics from the University of Manchester. Prior to commencing PhD research on biodiversity offsetting, Andy worked as an editor and journalist for a local independent newspaper in Manchester, and as an organiser for Global Justice Now.

Research interests

His research interests revolve largely around political ecology, with a focus on ‘neoliberal’ conservation and market environmentalism, the commodification and valuation of nature, and processes of urbanisation.

Andy’s doctoral research focused on the introduction of a biodiversity offsetting programme into the English planning system between 2010 and 2015,  exploring the reasons for the programme’s eventual demise. This work has also focused on the often-neglected urban dimension of conservation policy and markets, and the mobilisation of concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital in urban contexts.

Previous research has covered environmental movements and politics, and the politics of climate change. Andy is a member of the international POLLEN network. He will be working on the development of the institute’s Urban Human theme with Dr Aidan While, assisting with research on Urban Automation, and the Urban Bio-economy.


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