Dr Jonathan Silver

Leverhulme ECR Fellow

About Jon

Jon is a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow undertaking a project on ‘Postcolonial urbanisms and a comparative theory of infrastructure’. He joined the Urban Institute in November 2016 having gained his doctorate from the Department of Geography, Durham University following degrees from University of Leeds (BA Hons) and University of Manchester (MA). Prior to his appointment he had worked on a number of research projects at the London School of Economics and Durham University.

Research interests

As an urban geographer his research agenda is concentrated on developing new ideas and vocabularies to comparatively think about cities, politics, ecology and infrastructure.

First, thinking about the geographies of everyday urbanisms across popular neighbourhoods in global Norths and Souths around issues of survival, social infrastructure and the lived experience of various forms of urban service provision such as energy waste and sanitation.

Second, in examining the political ecologies of urban transformation including the relations across climate change and cities, the geo-political restructuring of infrastructure space in world ecology and the socio-environmental injustices of urbanisation.

Third, in considering the urban politics of infrastructure in relation to race and capitalism, new collective imaginaries of service provision and forms of urban theory.


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