Dr Liz Mason-Deese

Visiting Researcher

About Liz

Liz Mason-Deese is a Visiting Researcher working on the Co-producing Urbanism theme and the ‘Whose Knowledge Matters?’ project. She holds a PhD in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where her research focused on the production of territorial and territorial knowledges by movements of the unemployed in Argentina.

She has previously taught Geography at the University of Mary Washington and George Mason University. She is part of the Counter Cartographies Collective and a member of the editorial collective of Viewpoint Magazine. She also works as a translator, having translated numerous books and texts into English, including Verónica Gago’s Neoliberalism from Below (Duke Press, 2017).

Research interests

Liz current work looks at how the imbrication of movements of the unemployed and feminist movements has redefined and expanded notions of labor and the practical implications for labor organizing. Specifically, she focuses on how movements organize around and through issues of social reproduction and possibilities for autonomous practices of reproduction. Drawing on her experience with the Counter-Cartographies Collective, she utilizes collaborative counter-mapping practices as a form of militant research in her work.


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