Dr Nick Taylor Buck

Associate Researcher

About Nick

Nick is the Research Manager for the Faculty of Science, where he helps to drive research and knowledge exchange strategy and to foster research collaboration.
He has published in leading social science journals, and has a PhD in the natural sciences. He is a qualified Chartered Surveyor with substantial real estate practice experience, where he specialised in sustainable design and assessment. He currently sits on several urban design advisory panels and is a Trustee for The Land Trust

Research interests

His research interests are in: urban ecology, including the urban bioeconomy; systems thinking, including the development of integrated infrastructures as socio-technical systems, urban decision making, and the role of biomimicry in the design process; and co-production, including urban innovation processes and demonstrators.


Peer Reviewed:

Taylor Buck, N. (2015). The art of imitating life: The potential contribution of biomimicry in shaping the future of our cities. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design. doi:10.1177/0265813515611417

Taylor Buck, N., & While, A. (2015). Competitive urbanism and the limits to smart city innovation: The UK Future Cities initiative. Urban Studies. doi:10.1177/0042098015597162

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Buck, N., & Callaghan, T. V. (1999). The Direct and Indirect Effects of Enhanced UV-B on the Moth Caterpillar Epirrita autumnata. Ecological Bulletins, 47, 68–76

Not peer reviewed:

Wild, T. & Taylor Buck, N. (2015). Nature and UK Cities: The Future Is Now. Ecosystems News, (10), 4–7.

Peer reviewed paper publications – in review:

Taylor Buck, N., Dunning, R., & McLean, A. (In review). Conceptualizing the design/adaptation process of resilient integrated infrastructures. Infrastructure Complexity

Taylor Buck, N. & While, A.W. Positioning the Urban within Innovation and Research Policy. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference. London, UK, Sep 2016.

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Payne, S., Taylor Buck, N., While, A. Market Housebuilding and the Mixed Economy of Low Carbon Regulation: the case of zero carbon housing in the UK. Housing Studies Association Conference ‘The Value of Housing’, York, UK, April 2014

Taylor Buck, N. & Coca, D. (to be submitted) Standing On the Shoulders Of Bionts: Learning From Natural Systems To Improve City Decision Making. Urban Institute Working Paper (available on request)

Final report published on line by grant funder (peer reviewed)

PUCA: Report on UK Experiences of Soft Densification (2016)