Xira Ruiz Campillo

Visiting Fellow


Xira Ruiz Campillo is a lecturer of International Relations(IR) in the Faculty of Political Sciences at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). She holds a PhD in International Relations at the UCM where she also studied Political Sciences. In the past she was a lecturer of IR at the University Carlos III of Madrid and Nebrija University. Since 2002 since is member of the UNISCI research team and in 2006 she joined the editorial team of the journal Relaciones Internacionales (Autonomous University of Madrid).

Prior joining the university, she worked as Associate Field Safety Advisor at UNHCR, in Geneva, and as analyst for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence in Spain.


During the writing of her PhD thesis on European Union’s crisis management she focused her research on international security and conflict prevention. At a later stage her interests moved to climate change and its impact on all the dimensions of security and the interlinks among them.

Although she continues interested in the area of security, in the last years she has focused on the role of cities as international actors and on environmental governance. In particular, she is interested in identifying the characteristics of the power of cities involved in climate governance and in understanding the dynamics and the influence of environmental movements and transnational networks in cities.

She has participated on a number of projects and reports in the above areas financed by public and private institutions.